Get Started Being Social!

Social Media Marketing is no different from any other marketing project or strategic initiative. Like all projects, it needs to align with the objectives of your company. We frequently hear that companies know they should be on Facebook, but they aren’t always sure why. Our strategic planning services help identify how you should use these resources and define a plan for getting started.

Strategy sounds a little touchy feely right? Here are some specific examples of how we help:

  • Discover – Learn about the company and identify the SMM objectives.
  • Research – Perform benchmarking to understand how employees, competitors and clients are utilizing social media.
  • Analyze – Identify industry best-practices.
  • Strategize – Develop a list of recommended SMM projects and present findings to the client.
  • Toolboxing – Build a roadmap of tactics required to engage in SMM.

It isn’t just about registering a YouTube channel and posting a video of your company tour. Setting your Social Media presence up to align with your existing marketing efforts is critical. It is also important to establish your profiles with the best keywords, tags and descriptions to explain what you do.

We design Social Media to be consistent with your company’s identity while also optimize your profiles with the appropriate content and keywords to help with organic search placement. Our setup services make Social Media look like you and talk like you. What does that mean?

  • Social Icon – That small square your connections see first.
  • Header Image Design – Let the Twitter or YouTube sites tell your story.
  • Custom Tabs – A welcome page or online coupon for Facebook…no problem.
  • Registration – Time to reserve your screen names before someone else does.
  • Keyword Selection – Including the right keywords and tags will help keep it targeted
  • Profile Optimization – We write it so they find it.
  • Follows, Likes & Contacts – Build the connections that matter.
  • Online Directory Registration – Tell the world that you are social.
  • RSS Subscriptions – The content funnel from various websites to your desktop so you can stop chasing information sources.

It isn’t enough to establish Social Media goals, setup your channels and get a few connections. Effective implementation and management will create an environment of transparency and interactivity. It also establishes a framework for providing content that is relevant to all of your stakeholders whether they are prospects, clients, partners or employees.

A social corporate culture needs nurturing. Here is how we provide ongoing support for your efforts:

  • Implementation – Assist with the launch and integrate this project with existing marketing channels.
  • Maintenance – Develop fresh and relevant content development.
  • Management – Schedule delivery of the content then reply to posts by your stakeholders.
  • Monitoring – Follow all conversations related to your brand to assist with online reputation management.
  • Calculation – Identify and track the metrics to measure success of your project.

Contact us to get started.