Different Companies, Same Process.

We specialize in integrated marketing for small businesses, non-profits, academic institutions, professional service firms and other companies. With expertise in both traditional and new media, the firm’s services range from social media administration to a complete communications strategy.

Managing your organization requires constant focus on providing value to members while demonstrating an ROI for their investment. We provide the technology to increase that value, communicate more effectively with your base, and increase retention. With solutions ranging from online toolboxes to common-used templates, we extend your reach

You have built a new product or service and understand the benefits provided by it. Now, let us help establish your brand and contribute to the growth of your customer base. Sourcing marketing to experienced professionals gives you more time to focus on other critical tasks like fundraising, product development, and talent recruitment.

Established Firms
Strong customer service, an impressive portfolio of solutions, and an effective marketing plan have provided your company with a steady increase in market share. The challenge now is integrating new technologies into your existing mix to improve and personalize communications with your customers. We can provide the next step into new media.

There is delicate balance between providing stakeholder value and having a focus on fundraising. We help you setup the tools to achieve this balance. Effective marketing will help secure the funds needed to contribute to your mission. While social media and other online resources offer channels to improve communications and collaboration with your audience.

Small Businesses
It doesn’t matter if you run a restaurant, hair salon or physical therapy practice. All small, local businesses want the same thing; to improve relationships with existing clients, find new ones and do it without spending much money. There are large online platforms to help with this as well as local marketing resources. We’ll help you identify the mix that makes sense for you.